The new DSSI Four-Part Residential Life-Safety Program (see it here), also includes a Residential Building Occupant Life-Safety Mobile App to assist Residents and provide quick-access information on their mobile devices about any Emergency that might take place in their Building.  The app is a follow-up to the Residential Life-Safety Program's Resident Table Top Training.

The app contains information specific to Residents of High-Rise Buildings and provides information and guidance for both Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies.  If the Resident is in the Building during an Emergency, the app will assist them in conducting themselves in a safe manner based on the nature of the Emergency and Management's instructions when the Bulding's Life-Safety EAP is implemented. The content of the app, combined with the Tenant Training Sessions, will raise the level of safety awareness for Residents, allowing them to take appropriate actions in an Emergency.

The Residential Building Occupant Life-Safety Mobile App will be available for both Apple and Android mobile devices (phones and pads).  The content of the app will also be available online and accessible via desktop or laptop computers.