In NYC, commercial properties must comply with Local Law 5 and Local Law 26, which define stringent standards and requirements for Action Plans in the event of Fire and Non-Fire related Emergencies. Additionally, drills must be conducted to familiarize both Building Staff and Tenants of the actions they should take in the event a Fire or Non-Fire incident. occurs.

DSSI offers the full range of services to create, implement and support all aspects of the mandatory Emergency Action Plan for any NYC Commercial High-Rise Building.

Some of the key Commercial Services
provided by DSSI are:

  • FS/EAP Plan Writing
  • FS/EAP Training & Drills
  • On-Site Prep Courses
  • Online Staff & Wardens Training
  • Continuing FS/EAP Education
  • Violation Remediation Assistance
  • Building Information Cards (BIC)
  • Fire Protection Plans
  • Floor Plans and Riser Diagrams
  • All-Hazard Mobile Apps
  • Life-Safety Mobile Apps