DSSI recognizes that every Building is unique and requires an Emergency Action Plan that entails all aspects of the Building’s needs and complies with the provisions of the NYC Local Laws.  DSSI has highly experienced Staff that can assess and analyze the FS/EAP needs of your Building, then reduce those needs into an effective Emergency Action Plan that will meet the approval of the FDNY.

COMMERCIAL EAP PLAN 2Local Laws and Safety Standards for Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies continue to evolve and requirements are redefined on a continual basis.  DSSI keeps up with these changes and can develop your Building’s FS/EAP that is up-to-date with the latest requirements to optimize the Life-Safety Planning implementation and drills for Staff and Tenants.

The main areas of expertise in which DSSI can be of assistance in developing your FS/EAP are:

  • Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans
  • Fire Protection Plans
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Soon, all Hotels will be required by the FDNY to create and file a Level 1 Fire Safety Emergency Action Plan.

DSSI can also assist your company with any other type of Fire and Life-Safety Consulting and specific plan development that meet FDNY standards.