Required by the FDNY, Floor Plans & Riser Diagrams are a crucial part of your Fire Safety/ Emergency Action Plan. Each Floor of your Building will be mapped out to show specific Evacuation Routes that clearly indicate the Stairs and Elevators to be used to Relocate the or Evacuate in the event of an Emergency. Safety Devices/Features will be shown, such as:
  • Standpipe/Sprinkler Valves
  • Manual Fire Pull Stations
  • Warden Phones

The Riser Diagrams of the Standpipe and/or Sprinkler System(s) in your Building must indicate Hose Outlets, Shut-Off Valves, Water Sources, and correspond directly to the Floor Plans.

DSSI employs an in-house Computer Automated Drawing (CAD) expert who is extremely proficient in creating the required Floor Plans and Riser Diagrams. Everything from conducting the survey and furnishing the drawings, to filing with the FDNY for approval is done by our professional with unmatched experience.

We offer periodic review of all Floors and will amend your plans as construction or renovation proceeds, so that the drawings reflect the most accurate conditions in the Building and you stay in compliance with Local Law 26.

The companion DSSI All-Hazard Mobile App includes the Floor Plans and Riser Diagrams and be viewed in detail on the IPhone and IPad Mobile devices.