For any Candidate to become Certified for either a Fire Safety Safety Director (F-58), EAP Director (F59) or a Fire Life-Safety Director (F-89), they must first complete all the mandatory classroom schooling and a Fire Department Computer-based Test.  The last step in the process is taking an On-Site Test.

The Examinations are conducted by the FDNY at the Candidate’s Building. This is done to ensure that the Candidate is thoroughly familiar and understands the operation and Life-Safety aspects of the Building for which they are responsible.

Prior to the On-Site Exam, DSSI professionals will come to your Building and familiarize the Candidate on all of the subjects that they will be required to know as part of the On-Site Exam and will include, among others, the following subjects:

  • Specific Building Knowledge (BIC)
  • Generic and Building Manadory Responses
  • Response to a Fire and/or Non-Fire Emergency
  • Response to a Building Impairment
  • Fire/EAP and other Building Scenarios
  • Training of Fire Wardens and Fire Brigade

Includes Practical Demonstrations for:

  • Elevator Recalls and Operation
  • Operation of the Fire Command Center