DSSI has been an FDNY Approved School since 2011.  

Since that time, DSSI has trained many Fire Safety and EAP Directors.  The Training offered in the DSSI Courses accurately pinpoint the knowledge needs and requirements of the FDNY, and conveys that information to the Building Staff and Tenant Representatives attending.

In the same spirit, DSSI conducts other Continuing Education Cources to train Building Staff and Tenants how to respond to Fire and Non-Fire Emergency, and how to function when an Emergency Action Plan is activated.

DSSI is approved to conduct the requisite Courses to upgrade current Certificates of Fitness to comply with the new rules. If you are a current Fire, Life-Safety or EAP Director, and need to upgraded your Certificate of Fitness, contact DSSI at 212-204-9500 to enroll in the next class.