DSSI offers a variety of Continuing Education Services.

Online Training for Building Occupants

DSSI has developed a Building-specific Online Training Program for Building Wardens, Deputy Wardens, and Searchers. These Courses are often used by a Tenant's new employees in an effort to familiarize them with their new office space within the Building. The Training offers of brief review of the Buildings Emergency Action Plan as well as a Glossary of commonly used terms in an Emergency. Each section of the Course is followed by a brief multiple choice question test. Occupants can periodially stop  in the Course, and then begin again at a more convenient time, to complete the Course. The Training also reviews the requirements of Building Occupants and the Duties of a Warden, Deputy Warden and Searcher during an Emergency.

The system issues a dated and numbered Certificate of Completion when an Employee successfully completes the Training Course for their Building.

Online Training for Building Staff

Similar to the Online Training for Building Occupants, there are Training Courses for Building Staff.  These Courses are geared to the actions and roles that involve Staff in the event of an Emergency.

There is a focus in the Courses on Initial response by Building Staff after a reported incident. The Course Content contains Emergency Scenarios for both Fire and Non-Fire related Emergencies.

Each Course discusses Staff responsibilities upon implementation of the Emergency Action Plan as well as duties and responsibilities of all Staff.

A special Certificate of Completion, indicating the date when a Staff Member successfully completes the Training Course for their Building.  Copies of these Certifcates, as well as those for Wardens, Deputy Wardens and Searchers can be printed and retained for record-keeping purposes.

Accredited School of the FDNY

Diversified Security Solutions is an Accredited School of the New York City Fire Department Division of Certifications.

As part of the Continuing Education Services, DSSI offers the Active Shooter and Medical Emergencies four-hour Course at our location at 17 Battery Park Place, or at your Building. 

In the near future, DSSI will become an Accredited School for new Fire Life Safety Director (F-89 Certificate of Fitness).

PASS IT ON Program

As a DSSI customer you can choose to be enrolled in our exclusive PASS IT ON Program. As important information from the Fire Department affects your Buildings's operation or requirements, DSSI produces an email-based Bulletin and sends it directly to you. The documents can be stored in the DSSI-supplied PASS IT ON Program binder. Over time, the binder becomes a snapshot of all important Industry Notices and changes to policy that are requirements for your Property.  It becomes an excellent resource to reference past notices of changes and helps you implement them in a timely manner.

View previously issued PASS IT ON BULLETINS here.