DSSI is pleased to introduce the new Occupants Life-Safety Mobile Apps.

The Commercial Property Occupants Life Safety Mobile App is geared for Tenants and works in conjunction with the Building's Emergency Action Plan.

The Residential Property Occupants Life Safety Mobile App goes hand-in-hand with the DSSI Emergency Preparedness Four-Part Residential High-Rise Program, reinforcing the actions Residents should take take during Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies.

These are comprehensive Life-Safety Mobile Apps that can be used by Building Tenants or Residents as a quick, in-pocket reference, for any one of the many defined Emergency Scenarios, along with associated help, tips and guidance information.

The new app is designed to be specific to each Building's unique situation and Life-Safety considerations.  The app content is based on the Fire Safety & Emergency Action Plans for the Building and its Staff, along with the Tenants or Residents of the Property.


This Commercial Building Occupant Life-Safety Mobile App is a companion to the DSSI All Hazards App now being used in Commercial Buildings.  These apps addresses the Emergency Responses and Actions that Tenants (and their Employees), should take during any EAP Emergency.  It also includes guidance for Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies, with fast-click access to the vital information needed when an Emergency is declared in their Building.

Tenant/Employers may also add custom content to the app for their Building.  This content can be highly tailored to Tenant/Employee response actions to Emergencies and contain other information that might be helpful in preparing and responding to situations that may take place.


The new DSSI Four-Part Residential Life-Safety Program (watch the video), also has an associated Residential Building Occupant Life-Safety Mobile App to assist Residents and provide quick-access information on their mobile devices about any Emergency that might take place in their Building.  The app is a follow-up to the Residential Life-Safety Program's Resident Table Top Training. The content of the app will help Residents be more aware of possible Emergencies and provide quick-access guidance should an event occur.