This Commercial Building Occupant Life-Safety App is a companion to the DSSI All Hazards App now being used in Commercial Buildings.  Theis app addresses the Emergency Responses and Actions that Tenants (and their Employees), should take during any EAP Emergency.  It also includes guidance for Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies, with fast-click access to the vital information needed when an Emergency is declared in their Building.

When the Building's Fire Safety or Life-Safety Directors implement an EAP, Tenants can quickly refer to the appropriate section of the app to get in sync with the EAP actions that are being instituted in response to the Emergency.  This means that every Tenant (and their Employees), will have immediate access to instructions and guidance to react in a life-saving manner to the Emergency.

Commercial High-Rise Buildings each have their own unique way of ensuring the safety of Building Tenants, and the Commercial Building Occupant Life-Safety Mobile App reinforces this commitment to Tenant Safety.

As part of this mobile app, Tenants may include customized instructions for their Employees for Emergency Scenarios.  The information is access by Tenant-Specific Passwords and can contain information about actions to take under certain condtiions, such as: securing confidential information during In-Building Relocations or Evactuations, check-in's at Assembly Points, identification of Wardens, Deputy Wardens and Searchers, plus many other topics that will be helpful to Employees.

The Commercial Building Occupant Life-Safety App will be available for both Apple and Android mobile devices (phones and pads).  The content of the app will also be available online and accessible via desktop or laptop computers.