This is the DSSI PASS IT ON BULLETIN Library.  PASS IT ON is an ongoing Newsletter that contains important information from various sources that might affect your Building's operations. DSSI's goal is to provide you with free information to help you remain compliant with Local Law 5 and/or Local Law 26. Feel free to download the PDF documents and distribute them among your Staff or others. 


pdf Bulletin #23 - DEADLINE APPROACHING - Fire Life Safety Director (FLSD) Transitition
pdf Bulletin #22 - Fire Life Safety Director (FLSD) Transition Deadline Approaching
pdf Bulletin #20 - Active Shooter/Medical Emergency Course Reminder
pdf FLYER Guidelines for Suspicious Mail or Packages
pdf Bulletin #19 - FLSD On-Site Pilot Invitation
pdf Bulletin #18 - Adoption of two new FDNY Rules
pdf Bulletin #17 - New EAP (F-59) Information
pdf Bulletin #16 - Certificates of Fitness Reference Sheet
pdf Bulletin #15 - FS/EAP Training and Drills
pdf Bulletin #14 - FYI – Variance to Remove Ho se from Standpipe Riser
pdf Bulletin #13 - FYI – FDNY C of F Exams by Appointment
pdf Bulletin #12 - FYI – Fire Protection System Inspections and Testing
pdf Bulletin #11 - New Information Pertaining to the FSD On-Site Examination
pdf Bulletin #10 - FS/ EAP Identifying Apparel
pdf Bulletin #9 - New Requirements to EAP Staff Training
pdf Bulletin #8 - Required Training for Fire Safety Directors
pdf Bulletin #7 - Required Painting of Standpipes and Sprinklers
pdf Bulletin #6 - EAP Identifying Apparel
pdf Bulletin #5 - EAP and Fire Safety Pl an Floor Requirements
pdf Bulletin #4 - EAP Log Book
pdf Bulletin #3 - EAP On-Site Process
pdf Bulletin #2 - Photo-luminescent Inspections
pdf Bulletin #1 - Training for EAP Staff