Being prepared for emergencies in high-rise Residential Buildings is more important now than ever.  The recent disasterous fire in London, England is ample evidence that Residents need to have a sense of Emergency-awareness.  With events such as: Explosions, Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Power Outages, Civil Disturbances and Medical Emergencies, as well as Fires, awareness and prepration is a key factor.  Both Building Staff and Residents will be the first to experience and deal with emergencies before First Responders arrive on-site.

DSSI has brought 17-years of specialized Building Safety Training in the Commercial Sector to Residential High-Rises with their new Four-Part Program.  This innovative program helps to educate everyone to minimize risk and injuries in the event of an emergency or critical incident.

There are four-steps involved in the program,
each focused on different aspects of Life-Safety:

  • Building Life-Safety Report
  • FDNY Building Information Card
  • Staff Detailed Training
  • Tenant Table-Top Training

View the Program Introduction Video here.

Download the Program Flyer here.

Each part of the program is designed to detect possible Life-Safety issues in the Building, provide a report from which corrections and/or changes could be made, then to produce the vital Building Information Card (BIC) for First Responders.  Following these two steps, the Building Staff will be trained on how to deal with Emergencies.  Tenants will then be given Table Top Presidentations about the steps that Management has taken with regard to Building and their Safety, along with tips and guidance on what they should do in the event of an Emergency.

Contact DSSI at 212-240-9500 to discuss the Emergency Preparedness for Residential High-Rise Buildings Program.