DSSI's new Residential Services Division focuses on Life-Safety Preparedness and Awareness for NYC's Residential High-Rise Buildings.

The new program gives High-Rise Building Owners and Management Companies a resource that will provide them with a baseline snapshot of the Life-Safety condition of their Building and recommendations for making it an even safer place to live.  In addition, the all-important Building Information Cards will be prepared for First Responders use upon arrival on-scene in response to an Emergency.

DSSI will also provide training for the Building Staff, raising their Life-Safety Awareness and instructing them on the actions they need to take in the event of an Emergency.

Building Occupants will be able to view a live “Table Top” presentation that discusses Primary & Secondary Fire Exits, the proper procedure to follow in the event the Fire is “in your apartment” or not “in your apartment”, kitchen fires, use of fire extinguishers and much more Life-Safety information.

The DSSI Emergency Preparedness for Residential High-Rise Buildings introductory video can be viewed here.