What is the Training?

Each Tenant in a High-Rise Commercial Building must have a Warden, a Warden and Searchers. In the event of an Emergency, these individuals become an extension of the Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Brigade, and assist in various ways on their respective designated Floors of the Building.

These individuals must attend a minimum of 2-hours of Fire and Non-Fire Emergency (EAP) Training each year.  This training is required by Law to ensure that the Tenant-designated personnel are up-to-date on requirements and the actions they should take in the event of an Emergency.  The on-site Training involves 2-hours, as follows:

  • 1-Hour of Fire Safety Training
  • 2-Hours of Non-Fire (Emergency Action Plan) Training

Who Should Attend?

The designated Wardens, Deputy Wardens and Searchers must attend this mandatory Training.

Some of the Training Topics:

As an example, here are some of the Topics that are covered during the Training Sessions:

  • Responsibilities During an Emergency
  • Use of the Warden's Phones
  • How to Communicate with the Fire Safety or EAP Directors
  • Familiarization of the Terms Regarding Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies
  • Knowledge of the Layout and Search Areas on their Assigned Floors
  • Knowledge of the Emergency Exits in the Event of a Building Evacuation
  • Location of the Designated Assembly Points for the Building