This Training is part of DSSI's Continuing Education Program.  It is also required Training for the new Fire Safety Director and Emergency Action Plan Director Certificate of Fitness.

The Training consists of 4-hours and covers a number of critical subjects that will assist the Directors to react to, and manage, a Fire or Non-Fire Emergency in their Building.

At present, the F-58 Fire Safety Director is required to take this Training to upgrade their Certificate of Fitness to the new Fire and Life-Safety Director status.

The current F-59, Emergency Action Plan Director, must also take both Courses to maintain their Certificate of Fitness under the new requirements.

The new designations take full effect on September 4, 2017 and have these new designations:

  • F-85: Fire Safety Director with Active Shooter Training
  • F-89: Fire and Life Safety Director

Contact DSSI to enroll in the next upcoming Active Shooter/Medical Emergencies Continuing Education Courses to upgrade your current Certificate of Fitness.