[Article Source: FDNY]

"An FDNY violation is an official notice that a property is not in compliance with the New York City Fire Code and/or Fire Department Rules. Some infractions are minor, while others can create dangerous situations resulting in immediate action by the Fire Department or even the issuance of a criminal summons. Violations can be found during an FDNY inspection or based on complaints to the City. The following types of violations are issued/ordered in New York City: Notice of Violation, Violation Order, Criminal Summonses and a Vacate Order.

To remove a violation from record, the unsafe condition must be corrected and proof of the correction must be provided to the FDNY. After correcting the condition, a Certificate of Correction must be completed within 35 days from the day the violation originally was issued. Locations where a Vacate Order was issued must be re-inspected to complete the correction process."

Has your property receive an Official Violation Notice from FDNY?  It is important that you react to a notice promply and take immediate action.  Since all violations are time sensitive, contact DSSI for a timely and professional assessment of the nature of the violation and recommedations to remediate the situation.  The clock is ticking on your violation, so prompt action is needed.

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